Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Whale That Likes Opera...

Day 159 of The Doodle Olympics - I had a picture in my head of a whale standing up in a hat... sometimes that is just how it works. 

Day 160 of the Doodle Olympics - Even odd little bunnies make wishes - they would like to be a real bunny! 

Day 161 of the Doodle Olympics  - It isn't just little boys that would like to be astronauts. 

Day 162 of the Doodle Olympics - I'm still not too sure how to put my fabric and paper flowers together, so I've been looking at bouquets.

Day 163 of the Doodle Olympics - All this rain we've had has made me think about things beginning to grow, like sunflowers!

Day 164 of the Doodle Olympics - A penguin in a boat always brings a smile to my face when it is all grey and horrid outside. 

 Day 165 of the Doodle Olympics - Silly Humpty!

What else has been going on... Well the flower making has come to a bit of a standstill this week. I have finally written a review for A Bag For All Reasons and have started making notes on Adventures in Chocolate. I have started to think (roughly) about table plans for the wedding, it's early days but I'm just trying to get a rough idea of how our maximum number of guests might work. I've been buying wedding things from ebay, including sweet scoops and sweet bags. I've been taking photos and editing photos for the book reviews. 

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  1. So cute especially the bunny and penguin! I get pics in my head like this too, just have to draw!!