Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hello 30s - Day 239 - 248

Day 239:The secret drawer!!! Boyfriend was finally able to get out in the garden, with the knackered old bureau, to give it a sand, and an oil. We were aware of the secret drawer, when we bought the bureau, it was open, but then we closed it, and couldn't work out how to open it again. We have now discovered the trick, and who doesn't love a secret drawer? It also smells really nice. :)

Day 240:
I felt like writing, so curled up on a chair, and gave it a go. I didn't get that far, but quite enjoyed it. You never know I might pick it up again at some point. Note, I am totally old school, and using pen and paper. I find typing labour intensive, and no fun, how do you scribble without a pen? Where is the fun without scribble? You know I'm right :)

Day 241:
It is true, Surrey is very leafy. Looks quite nice doesn't it. However it is also very busy, and has lots of parked cars, and lots of fast cars. This road may not look very busy here, but it is quite fast. I wasn't intending to walk this way, this is about three quarters of the way down the road. I had intended to cross about a quarter of the way down, but didn't fancy stepping out into speeding traffic, between parked cars, on a lovely sunny day. So my walk was shortened. Surrey is leafy, shame about the traffic.

Day 242:

Unexpected sale, and card for Rach. Rachel turns 30 on Saturday, and I thought I wouldn't be able to put a photo of her card up until later, but the naughty madam has already opened it - which works out just fine for me :) I don't know why I have drawn her an owl, maybe it was a subconscious thing ... she used to be teacher ... Funnily enough, the earrings that sold, also happened to be called Rachel.

Day 243:
Sketching out ideas. It is hard to believe that I received an 'A' in both GCSE and 'A' level Art. My degree led me to scribble down lots of ideas very quickly, the emphasis being on communicating an idea quickly, not creating a work of art. It turns out, that it is a really hard habit to break!

Day 244:
Family Jones came to visit (my sister and her family), and we spent a lovely Friday evening at our local Italian, Bellinis. This was my sister's choice, she was a bit apprehensive about it being fiddly, and hard work, but by the time she had finished, she had started playing with the empty shell, apparently the one eyed, half lobster was watching us, as it danced around on the plate :)

Drinks and desserts were also enjoyed :)

Day 245:
Trip to Chessington, for my niece and nephew's benefit - obviously :) I hadn't been there before, and I think everyone had a really good day. It is a shame that they feel the need to charge for parking, and for optional extras inside the park, such as the extreme games zone (trampolines etc), or inflatable bubble balls on water (£5 for 4 minutes). I think if it was a bit cheaper, it would be acceptable, but it is a bit tricky explaining to a five year old, that he can't go on that thing, that looks really fun, because between him and his sister, that is an extra £10 a pop, it really adds up.

Soggy boyfriend, niece, and sister. I skipped this one, it was a bit grey and blowy to be getting wet.

Boyfriend and I being spun around a lot, fortunately we were just out of range of the water.

Day 246:
Groundskeeper Willie. On the way back from out friend's house, we drove through Pirbright village. They have started advertising their Scarecrow festival, and Groundskeeper Willie is helping them out. I was looking forward to seeing what figure would be standing, on the corner of the green, they had a lot to live up to, last year had been a very impressive Chewbacca.

Day 247:
Horse and cart at Virginia Water, sadly they were only advertising, not actually giving rides - boo!

Day 248:
Raindrops on the patio. I hear better weather is on the way. Although this makes for a quite nice effect on the slabs, I will be glad to see the gloom gone :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Hello 30s - Day 230 - 238

This week has been a busy one, there has been doctors and dentists, but most of all lots and lots of making, which makes a nice change, oh but there was still plenty of room for cake ;)

Day 230:
Making! Various necklace bits and pieces. Keep your eyes peeled, there are many more bits and pieces to come :)

Day 231:Dear, oh dear, oh dear! I did debate not showing this, but it was the only photo I have from day 231. We don't normally dress like this - honestly! We were off to an 80s fancy dress party, to celebrate Sam's 30th. We had a wonderful time, possibly the best barbeque I have ever been to, I might even have called it a gourmet barbeque :) So here I am with Lyds, ready to set off for the evening, back combed hair and everything :)

Day 232:
Dragon Boat racing in Gloucester. No, not me, boyfriend. He had accidently volunteered to take part, but seems it was for charity, went along to be part of his work's team. He was hitting the drum. They didn't win, but they didn't do too badly, for a team that hadn't been in a dragon boat before, I think 11th out of about 14 is pretty good. :)

Day 233:
Having a walk. I remembered to take my camera along this time, but then I had to try and remember, to keep my eye out for something, to take a picture of, instead of just getting lost in my own thoughts.

Day 234:More necklace components!

Day 235:

Day 236:
More necklace bits and pieces! You see, I told you there were lots of bits and pieces :)

Day 237:
Could this possibly be the most boring photo of the Hello 30s project? Yes I was at the bus stop. I spent a fair bit of time there this week, having had to go to the dentist twice. The bus that takes me home only runs once an hour, so there was lots of hanging around, and checking to see how long the bus was going to be.

Day 238:Lots more earrings! Followed by...

... Cake! What weekend, or blog post, wouldn't be complete without some cupcakes. Boyfriend treated us to some cupcakes, from the new cupcake cafe, that has just opened up on our doorstep (and there was me, considering moving house??!!!). We thought it only polite to check them out. They have some really interesting icing flavours. There was strawberry milkshake, that does indeed taste like milkshake, not just strawberry flavour. Then there was chocolate cake with gingerbread icing, chocolate and caramel icing, and coffee and caramel - yummo!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hello 30s - Day 220 - 229

Day 220:We have just been given this plant by my sister, I am not the most green fingered person in the world, so I am trying to keep it alive. I'm not sure what it is, some kind of pepper, or chilli... or something :)

Day 221:
Presents for my friend. They are late, I was never going to get them to her on time because of all the bank holidays, but now I am looking for a box to post them in, so they can travel to Germany. She will get them at some point - promise!

Day 222:
I voted! I was shocked at the amount of people that didn't, I think it is a bit sad, I was really excited for some reason.

Day 223:
Not a good day. I haven't been to the dentist in ages, silly really, but being on a tighter budget, means it is easy to put off, and before you know it, time has flown by. Needless to say, I shall be returning next week :(

Day 224:
As part of my friend's 30th birthday present, 3 of us went to the Athenaeum Hotel in London, for a late afternoon tea. We had a wonderful time, it was elegant enough to make us feel special, but not so stuffy, or pretentious, that we felt uncomfortable. We had opted for the 'Honey Tea' menu. This kicked off with a glass of Honey Fizz, and quite honestly, I think I would be a better person, if I was allowed to have one of these, once a day - or even one a week, it was delicious.

Rolls and sandwiches to accompany the Honey Fizz. We had goats cheese and caramalised onion, and honey roast ham.

We were then able to choose our tea tipple of choice. I opted for Niagara Peach, and it was lovely. I think I had about 4 cups in the end.

A selection of sandwiches also accompanied the tea. This was the second round, that there, is pesto bread on the end, not a mouldy sandwich ;) It was delicious!

Now if we weren't starting to get full already, then came crumpets and scones. The scones came in plain, and orange blossom, and were served with jam, a lemon curd, and clotted cream. You will have to forgive me for that half eaten crumpet in the photo, it didn't go to waste, it was merely momentarily placed there for the photo - we were being gobbling little piglets, and had forgotten to take the photo when they had arrived :)

Dessert! How wonderful does that look? A selection of yummy goodness for us to share. It looked amazing, but were beginning to worry how we would get through it - but we did, apart from one piece of honey cake. By the way, those little glasses had elderflower jelly in them, and they were particularly gorgeous!

Finally, Gayle was presented with a piece of birthday cake, which we were not expecting at all. Funnily enough, when the waiter brought it over, and asked whose birthday it was, we were confused for a second, seems Gayle's actual birthday was back in March, we looked at each other blank, before it dawned on us. There was no room left for birthday cake, so we took that, and the last piece of honey cake, back with us, for our other halves to try.
We did have a great time, but if anyone decides to book, we suggest you opt for the last sitting at 5.30pm, the sittings before, are only two hours long, and I don't see how anyone can get through that much food, in that time, without seriously rushing. We had a nice, relaxing and generous, three hours to indulge.

Day 225:
Check out my photography skills :D I can hold a camera, honestly, it is just the patio window was in the way, I couldn't get in front. This is my 'new, but not so new', cute little condiment set :) Sierra, by Palissy, it is so retro, I love the colours, it has inspired me, I fancy making some beads based on it.

Day 226:
This was on my walk back from town. I see them around every year, I love their wonderful purple flowers, but have no idea what plant it is (I told you my fingers aren't so green), feel free to inform me. :)

Day 227:
I have been working on a few brooches. I'm thinking I might do a giveaway at some point, and maybe include this little item.

Day 228:
Having had a few supplies arrive, I've been itching to get making, and am trying out lots of different combinations of beads.

Day 229:
Chaos continues. Lots of beads, but I am now waiting for more wire, so frustrating! I also need ear hooks - I completely forgot to order those - whoops!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello 30s - Day 204 - 219

A whopper of a Hello 30s update folks! The bank holidays have really thrown me all out of routine, and I don't know where the days have gone... well I know one of them went down the pub ;)

Day 204:
The man in action! Boyfriend does love a good barbecue, and doesn't need much of excuse. The excuse on this occasion, was that the sun was out. He did make some mean kebabs though, with onion, pepper, haloumi, and chilli and lime marinated chicken :)

Day 205:
New clothes! Boyfriend took me shopping (yes he really is rather awesome), I came back with a top, a cardigan, some sandles, trousers, and two skirts. A lot of people know that I don't usually where skirts, I think it is boyfriend's way, of trying to make me into, a bit more of a lady :)

Day 206:
Now I know it isn't healthy, classy, big or clever, but I really did enjoy my lunch, of chinese take away leftovers. Usually I have soup, every day, so this was a real treat.

Day 207:
Work in progress. You may recall I was making a card for my mum, to give to her twin, well she didn't like it, so it was back to the drawing board. I opted for something a little less experimental this time round.

Day 208:
I won! A little ad in the next issue of the the online crafting magazine - creative crafting. It is always nice to win something :)

Day 209:
I imagine that you are starting to notice a lot of cakes on here. The general rule of thumb, is that I bake, when I am going to stay somewhere. Boyfriend requested coffee and walnut cupcakes, for our visit over to his parents.

We have been over to Boyfriend's parents for various occasions recently, birthdays, and anniversaries. On this occasion it was to meet the new puppy I mentioned last post. Meet Bess, she is sooo fluffy! This was actually a calm, sleepy moment, after she had been worn out over a bit of flamingo tug-o'-war. It wasn't a real flamingo - don't worry.

Day 210:
Saturday morning in Diss. While Morag (the car) was in for an MOT, Boyfriend and I went for a lovely, sunny, walk through Diss. We stopped on a bench to look at the view, and to drink our milkshakes, topped with cream and marshmallows.

Back at Boyfriend's parent's house. They have a duck, that has been nesting in their compost. Ducklings have now hatched, and they happily waddle around the garden, between the compost, the pond, and the bird tables. I love the stragglers, they suddenly have to make a dash for it, in order to catch up with mum.

Day 211:
It is that fluffy puppy again. How cute is that face? This was a brief pause in between dashing around the garden, trying to eat anything in sight, and digging holes :)

Day 212:
Pimm's o'clock! Bank holiday Monday. A lovely 6 hour pub lunch, in great company :)

Day 213:
Cheat photo! I took this the other week, after I had finished it, but couldn't put it in here until after my Sister's birthday. I actually have a lot of photos of cards hanging around, that I have had to keep hidden, until they have been received, it can make a 'photo a day' challenge very... well... challenging.

Day 214:
Bye BMW. Boyfriend's poor car has gone to the scrapyard in the sky :( Cursed by it's electronics, it is a real shame, as it was a lovely car. I remember the first time my boyfriend came to pick me up, I hadn't known any guys before, that had, had a big estate car, I thought he was a real grown up :D

Day 215:
More cake!!! This time we were going to visit my family. I thought the kids might appreciate chocolate stars.

Day 216:
A very chilled out Friday. I watched the whole of the Royal Wedding, I'm not a Royalist, but I do like a bit of history in the making. It was a bit long, and a bit dull, but I thought Kate looked lovely. I also went round my parent's house taking snaps of all the rooms. As you may have read previously, they are moving house, and this might have been the last time that, I set foot in the home where I grew up. These are the family photos above the stairs.

Day 217:
Saturday saw us out for a family meal, celebrating my Dad's retirement. As you can see Boyfriend is very popular with the ladies.

We also gave Dad a laptop. He hasn't had a computer before, so it is going to take a while to get used to his new toy - Mum isn't going to get any of those jobs done now :D

Day 218:
Sunday morning, and we were about to leave for home. Farewell to the street where I grew up. Bye to the grassy island, outside the front of the house, where I used the watch the hedgehog, and fox, cross over at night, and where I used to watch the boys play football in the day.

Day 219:
Boyfriend knocking up some more yummo food. We had spent another bank holiday Monday in Guildford, having a little bit of a shop. We had then driven around, scouting out different areas, that we might want to move to. Later, while I was upstairs buying exciting things, for my jewellery making, Boyfriend was putting together a real treat, meat, cheese, bread, wine, and everything, there were even candles. Did I mention how awesome he is ;)