Monday, 11 July 2011

Hello 30s - Day 274 - 288

Please prepare yourself for many, many, photos. I was away last week, and failed to take my camera cable with me, so I have had to store over a week's worth of photos on my camera. It is time to get up to date!

Day 274:
Boyfriend was out on a bike ride, and I was left on my lonesome. What do you do in that situation? You make homemade rice pudding of course! I had been itching to try it, since seeing this recipe on Joy The Baker. It was very tasty, and was worth making, just for the amazing smell of butter and milk cooking. Honestly, it should be some kind of law, that people have to smell hot butter and milk every day, everyone would be happy :D

Day 275:
Little cake slices for the Hansel and Gretel illustration.

Day 276:
Teeny tiny candy corns.

Day 277:
Tea. Sometimes you just need tea. I drink a lot of tea, but on this day I NEEDED the tea. I think it was something to do with, having to redo all those candy corns, for a second time!

Day 278:
I know what some of you might be thinking (I'm talking to you mum!) - not another photo of cupcakes! These, however, were special cupcakes, they were accidental cupcakes. I was making a spiced pound loaf cake, except it wasn't supposed to be loaf shaped, it was supposed to be bigger, so I had lots of mixture left, and voila, cupcakes (and some yummy cake batter for me to snaffle with a spatula) :D

Day 279:
Travelling to Suffolk in the evening. Motorway travel can be pretty dull, but there was some beautiful sky going on.

Day 280:
We were staying at boyfriend's, brother, and sister-in-law's house while in Suffolk, for a low cost holiday, while they were away. We were looking after the garden, and the chickens. I found the whole thing very educational, I now know a lot more about chickens than I did previously.

Day 281:
Our garden for the week.

Day 282:
Why, hello Mr Wallbanger!

Day 283:
We stopped of for a drink at a riverside hotel in Beccles. It was very relaxing, sitting in the sun, watching the boats go by. I like the fact this one was called 'Putt Putt'!

Day 284:
Roman Fort. Very cool! It's a fort! And it's Roman!!! Cool!

Day 285:
The gardens at Bury St Edmunds. Immaculate, and incredibly colourful.

There were also some abbey ruins...

... and houses built into abbey ruins - which, lets face it, is very cool!!

Day 286:
Dramatic skies over Southwold. I liked it here a lot! A really nice pier, that was classy rather than tacky, a little exhibition of work by Rolf Harris, galleries, and antique shops.

Day 287:
Back home, and this is our new bottle (on the left), that we found in an antiques shop in Southwold. It was straight in front of us, as we walked through the door, and the colour and texture, match our other bottle exactly. It was also the irresistible price of £5!

Day 288:
Our pepper plant seems to have grown even more over the last week. I think they are jalepenos, how do you know when to pick them off, I was thinking that they were about ready?