Friday, 29 June 2012

This Week... Puppies in Pushchairs, Hanging Out With A little Dude & Flowers From Afar

This week I was very excited at the car boot at seeing small dogs being pushed around in a pushchair - What is not to love? I spent a day hanging out with my friend and her little dude. We went for lunch at the Lion and Lamb Bistro in Farnham, love that little courtyard! Little dude Archie is just at the point where he is starting to smile, super cute! We had parcels from afar! The Philippines to be exact, I've never seen so many stamps in one place - there were some on the bottom too! So now we have a vintage suitcase full of wood shaving flowers, they are so pretty and I'm so pleased with them! They are available form Accents and Petals on Artfire.


  1. Those flowers are beautiful, and it's lovely that you can see the grain on them.

    1. Thanks Mrs Jones! Yes, the coloured ones look like they have had a light spray, but seems we want to use autumnal colours it made sense to get some in the natural colour so it wasn't overpowered by the orange. They are really quite exquisite, I can't wait to start using them. :) Thanks for stopping by! :)