Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Great Paper Chase!

Eight years ago, while I was at university I took a trip to Manchester. While in Manchester I popped into Paperchase and purchased about 10 sheets of A1 paper, all of different weights and textures. I safely returned the paper to Stoke-on-Trent on the train without any damage, and then placed it in an A1 plastic folder for safe keeping. I used one sheet of that paper for some self promotion work, and the rest of it stayed in that folder.

8 years later, after moving back to Coventry, after moving to London, after moving to Woking, I dug out those sheets of paper, all were still in mint condition, and recently I have started using them. One piece in particular, I have fallen in love with. I began using it to create my little bear illustrations. I now only have about a third of a sheet left.

The problem is - I can't find any more of that paper! The lovely Alan (mailorder) at Paperchase has been on the search for me, but they no longer stock it, and no one can even remember it, so now I have come to a bit of a dead end. So I am asking you, and anyone you know out there,


Obviously it is pretty hard to translate textured paper successfully onto screen, but I have tried to do what I can to make it stand out. It is a similar weight and feel to water colour paper, it feels quite thick but soft, but the pattern and texture isn't random like on water colour paper, or hammered paper, it has a structure. It looks like it has lots of little dents almost like a waffle.

If anyone knows where I can get paper like this, please let me know, or if you think you know someone who might know, please pass my plea onto them, or point me in the right direction. Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Birds and the Beads

All I seem to be doing at the minute is buying, or planning to buy. I have birthdays coming up over the next month, and have had a lovely time over a Folksy choosing special gifts. I can't wait to share some of the goodies that I have bought from some of the lovely sellers, but that will have to come in a later post, as I would hate to spoil any of the surprises I have planned by putting up images.

Using Folksy has proven to be incredibly easy, I was quite interested to see how it all works, as I am debating whether to set up shop on there myself. So far I am getting a good feeling, 'I' want to buy from there, so it can't be a bad place to start.

Other than shopping lists, I have been making more beads and more birds, keeping myself busy, until I can afford to buy a few more supplies. I have also had a little bit of freelance Graphics work which I have really enjoyed, I love having a variety of things to do.

Firstly here are my Penny beads, they came about over the easter period, inspired by speckled hens and speckled eggs (particularly the ridiculous amounts of mini eggs I consumed), they also feature my first pillow beads. I am really pleased with them, they take a little longer to shape, but I do find it quite relaxing.

Next we have my Leah beads, a lovely range of golds, pearls, golds and creams. There is a fair amount of translucent clay in there too, which I love to use, as it gives the impression of depth to some of the patterns. It also feels much softer and smoother than the others clays, this can be a bit of a problem as patterns can begin to blend and blur too easily if you handle it too much (that is why there are no pillow beads), but it is wonderful to touch. I was also purposefully trying to experiment with a more neutral palette, as I am normally drawn to my bright colours.

I used the same clay cane to create this little fellow, alas, he doesn't have a name at present. He is similar to the circle birds that I created previously, but smaller, and therefore, made entirely of polymer.

Finally, these are my Lulu beads, which I adore because they are so bold and make a statement. To me, they screamed 60s, so Lulu was the only name I thought appropriate.

True to current form, there is a bird (penguin specifically) to match :)