Friday, 30 July 2010

Folksy Friday - Photography

This week's Folksy Friday is all about photography. I have spent most of this week working on the incredibly exciting task of taking product shots for my up and coming web site. I also spent Wednesday evening browsing through our friend's wedding and honeymoon photos, so needless to say I have photography on the brain :) .

clair loves tim irving
nickscape oscar and rose
moontide photography passionate about photography

As always please click on one of the images to be taken to each photographers shop, there are plenty of other lovely photographs to peruse :)

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Alright for some!

Not much creative play going on here at the minute, I have spent all day taking photos and editing, slowly trying to get product images ready for when my web site is ready. Still not sure when this will be, but it is being worked on :). So while I was running up and down stairs taking photos, uploading, clearing space off camera, next door's cat took the opportunity to steal my chair! He snoozed there for an hour, the cheeky little man!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Weekend :)

Have just had a lovely weekend, we were taken out by our friends for a meal on Saturday evening, as a thank you for looking after their poorly cat (see a previous post :) ) We went to the Thai Terrace in Guildford for a lovely Thai meal - gorgeous chicken satay and champagne cocktail. It is a lovely restaurant hidden away on top of a car park, with a lovely outside terrace with views over Guildford. We followed this up by going to the Boileroom to watch Slaves to Gravity, who were awesome.

Yesterday we relaxed, we began the day with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, croissants and sparkling wine in bed (well why not??). Then we settled in for the rest of the day to watch films and eat way too much junk food, including this rather lovely squidgy cake that the honeymooners brought back for us from Madeira, yum! :)

Friday, 23 July 2010

Folksy Friday - Home Sweet Home

As some of you may have noticed, I have been super happy to return home this week, therefore my folksy friday theme this week, as with my previous blog posts, is 'home sweet home'. As always, clicking on the image will take you to the folksy shop :)

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Home Sweet Home - part 3

The New Bathroom!

Finally, we arrived back home on Sunday evening, and I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back in my own bed, and not living out of a bag :)

Unfortunately I don't have any images of how the bathroom used to look, but it is now beautiful, and a pleasure to be in, I can't stop cleaning it as I want it to stay shiny and unused forever :)

I admit a picture of a toilet may not normally be that exciting, but for anyone who had been in our bathroom previously - well, they will understand :)

It was all put together by Lee Mead... no not that Lee Mead, another Lee Mead, if anyone is in the Guildford area and is looking for a lovely, hardworking, trustworthy handyman, he is your guy. He can do all sorts, he has also redone all our paintwork on the outside of our house, so now the house looks shiny too. I was beginning to worry that we had the shabbiest looking house in the close, but no more, we have a lovely looking home!

I am now desperately trying to stop spending my time walking into the bathroom just to look at it. I would really like to get my making and marketing head back on, but with such a pretty bathroom, I am itching to start painting the walls of the rest of the house :)

Home Sweet Home - part 2

Mark and Lydia's House

After the wedding, we returned to our house for one night, and then moved into Mark and Lydia's house for the fortnight they were away, so that our bathroom could be ripped out and refitted. While we were there we looked after their cats Saffie and Snipes. The first week ran smoothly, Snipes spent most of his time outside, while Saffie spent most of her time hidden somewhere sleeping.

Week two was a little more interesting, Sunday I found myself with an eye infection, Tuesday a sore throat, and Wednesday Saffie came sauntering in with a gaping wound next to her tail (I will spare you the picture). I am sure anyone who has ever looked after someone else's pet can appreciate how horrifying this is.

We made an appointment at the vet's for the following morning, in the mean time we kept her in the living room so she couldn't get outside, and I took a sleeping bag to the sofa that night. I was pretty sure she would be okay, but not so sure what she would do to the living room. She decided she would sleep on me and snore.

The vet was lovely, he thinks she must have had a bite, that became infected, turned to an abscess and burst, I can only assume, not having had cats before, that this happens quite quickly, as she had seemed fine. Poor thing had to have antibiotics, antiseptic cleaning solution, painkilling drops, and an e-collar. Now I know it can be a little bit funny having a cat in an e-collar, but I mostly found it heartbreaking to watch her walk backwards, and walk into walls, and then just stop, not knowing what to do. She was pretty miserable.

I mean how do you tell that cute little face that she is getting food all stuck down her e-collar?

The good news is that the vet was very pleased with her, when she went back on Saturday. She still has to take antibiotics and stay in for at least another week, but the collar is off, and she is bouncing off the walls, very much back to her normal self :)

Home Sweet Home

Well it has been a while since I have updated my blog, but I have only just returned home after a busy 3ish weeks. Now where to begin...

Mark and Lydia's Wedding

Lydia is one of my best friend's from university, and she got married to Mark - my other half's best friend- at the beginning of July. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid, while my OH was one of the best men. I travelled with Lydia on the Wednesday before the wedding, to her folk's home in Essex for final preparations. The boys followed the following day and stayed in a hotel. There were quite a few guests staying in the hotel, and it was lovely, it meant that people could mingle and get to know each other before the actual big day.

The actual wedding day was beautiful and all went perfectly, and Lydia looked gorgeous! :)

I thought I would also include this picture my dad took while we were getting ready for a group shot, just so you know, that was my OH standing in front of me, and I may have been cheekily grabbing his bottom :) I am impressed by how composed he remained :)

The happy couple have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Madeira - back to work for them today though.

I'll post again later, as I think it will keep the posts manageable, and stop me from meandering off on all kinds of subjects :)