Friday, 15 June 2012

This Week... Watering Cans, Tea Towels & Biscotti

This week... Saw me receiving the Victoria Eggs tea towel that was a prize from Will and Glory, I love it, it's in my favourite colour! Hurrah! I have a new watering can... also in my favourite colour, I've needed one upstairs for the windowsill plants for ages, now I've no excuse for letting them wither. Mug Cake, it isn't big and it isn't clever, it isn't great cake, you can't keep it for another day, but if you have no cake in the house, have no time to make one, and have no access to any sweet treats, this is the answer to a  - in desperate need of cakey - emergency. I made biscotti for the first time, hurrah! It was alright. Guilty looking cat - you know how you sometimes have a sort out of old clothes and you put them in a pile on the floor, and then you turn your back for five seconds and there is a fluffy cat all over it - yeah that :)

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