Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wacky Cars, Churches On Hills & Mr. Toad

Day 327 of the Doodle Olympics – This week I wanted to draw cars. I can't draw realistic cars to save my life, so I was aiming for more of a Wacky Races feel. Again I couldn't resist drawing some boxy buildings. :)

Day 328 of the Doodle Olympics – Badger... I find badgers really difficult too – their heads are really long!

Day 329 of the Doodle Olympics – Badger wasn't actually intended to be 'that' Badger, but he did get me thinking about The Wind in the Willows, which made me think about Mr Toad... I don't think I've attempted to draw toads before either.

Day 330 of the Doodle Olympics – I wanted this little chap to be looking down and playing, but I think he just looks a bit sorry for himself.

Day 331 of the Doodle Olympics – Church on a hill. I think it's something you see on christmas cards, right? I have a vague memory of something like that. I'm starting to feel a little festive! :)

Day 332 of the Doodle Olympics – Another church on a hill and more boxy buildings.

Day 333 of the Doodle Olympics – Little Mouse playing with building blocks. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Boxes, Cobwebs & A Bit Of Cliff!

Day 320 of the Doodle Olympics – Buildings. Every now and then I get an urge to just draw boxes, so turning them into little buildings seems like the obvious choice.

Day 321 of the Doodle Olympics – A festive door. I watched my first Christmas film for television of the season... possibly the worst TV film I've ever seen, but there was plenty of festive decoration, so I stuck with it.

Day 322 of the Doodle Olympics – This little chap is taking an imaginary ride into space. You can tell it's just pretend as he isn't wearing an oxygen helmet.

Day 323 of the Doodle Olympics – Argh Cliff!

Day 324 of the Doodle Olympics – Festive, Dickensian feelings are starting to creep in. Forget lightbulbs and light switches, give me an empty bottle and a candle, let's create some atmosphere!

Day 325 of the Doodle Olympics – More boxes.

Day 326 of the Doodle Olympics – Tumbling feathers, leaves, dandelion heads, cobwebs and spiders.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

An Old Man, A Fortune Teller & An Invisible Bike

Day 313 of the Doodle Olympics – I thought I would try and doodle some people this week, I'm pretty rubbish at people, much prefer cute animals! Here is an old man.

Day 314 of the Doodle Olympics – A fortune teller. I know. I know, appalling hands! What can you do when you have the word fortune teller in your head.

Day 315 of the Doodle Olympics – Girl on a stile.

Day 316 of the Doodle Olympics – Not a person, a doodle bird!

Day 317 of the Doodle Olympics – Girl on a bike... no I can't draw bikes ;)

Day 318 of the Doodle olympics – Sleepy little boy in oversized pyjamas.

Day 319 of the Doodle Olympics – Girl holding a doll. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Doodle Olympics Update - Autumn Acorns & Falling Leaves

Day 306 of the Doodle Olympics - Obsessing over autumn right now, it's all about trees, leaves and squirrels.

Day 307 of the Doodle Olympics - Autumn also means that the smell of bonfires and fireworks linger in the air!

Day 308 of the Doodle Olympics - Another leaf tumbling on the breeze!

Day 309 of the Doodle Olympics - Little mouse collecting acorns... honestly I just had a real desire to draw acorns.

Day 310 of the Doodle Olympics - The back of a patterned rabbit. I started drawing a pattern... it looked a bit rude... so I turned it into a rabbit. I'm quite pleased with him though :)

Day 311 of the Doodle Olympics - Fortunately I won't have to experience any of this kind of thing this year, but it is hard to forget the memories of standing in the cold waiting for a bus that may never come. I remember one year, I was working in a bookstore that was a twenty minute bus ride from home, I had left work at 5.30pm and didn't get in until 9.10pm, cold and hungry.

Day 312 of the Doodle Olympics - Some days you just don't want to draw. This was was second attempt in the end, the first just kept going from bad to worse!