Friday, 8 June 2012

This Week... Wine, Cake, & Baby Birds

This week... We oooh'd and arrh'd at the wonder that was our first baby courgette. We put up some bunting in honour of the Queen...and because we like bunting. We indulged in some red wine that I was lucky enough to win from Tesco Wines via Twitter. That there is Rob winking and then giving a serious nod of approval, I realise he may look a bit grumpy or like he is missing a pipe, but it's actually approval. I also made more almond and raspberry cupcakes as part of our celebrations, I can't get enough of them and I'm on the hunt for another excuse to make more - Mmm cake, jam and buttercream! :) The pigeon tickled me, not literally, but he looked like he was going to snap that branch at any moment - fat pigeon. To make up for the wine and cake we went out for some nice long walks, we saw swans with cygnets - the male swan got a bit antsy at having his photo taken, and then we saw moorhen chicks, which are the smallest fluffiest things in the world! Mother moorhen also started complaining about our presence, but we ignored her because she wasn't quite as intimidating as the swan. 


  1. those cakes look yummy, more cakey pics please :D and how exciting over the courgette, i am growing tomatoes, but only one tomato came out and wont ripen.

    1. :D You really shouldn't be encouraging me to make more cakes, it's very naughty. I should be getting a book to review about chocolate - oh know! So I might whip up something chocolatey!
      I've never tried growing tomatoes, but we had the same problem with our peppers, loads of them did begin to grow, and then they just gave up, stayed tiny, and refused to ripen :( We have another two pepper plants this year, so we will try again. :)