Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Found - Handmade Bags Online

I've needed a bag for a while, a small one that I can wear with my cargo trousers and trainers without looking odd. I found the one below on ebay for a couple of pounds and it'll do just the trick. Now if I wasn't on such a tight budget, I would have bags coming out of my ears, I would have between one and all, of the bags above. They are all made in the UK and you can find them online by following the links below (until they sell out of course).

Linen bread bag by Rosies Armoire

Leather Satchel / Messenger / Laptop Bag - Mens - Handmade Vintage Retro Look by Lorton & Horn

Harris Tweed Grey Effie Bag by Mairead of Breagha

iPad case / iPad sleeve with shoulder strap in warm brown leather, leather wrapper bag in style of ancient talisman pouch by Mia Illuzia of Spirit Carrier
Rosaire, Olive suede leather hobo shoulder bag, handmade by Edward De LacyHandmade LARGE Leather bag, Satchel, Button detail, Darkest Brown, Marmite, GYPSY by Fairysteps 2017Yellow Panier Bag with yellow tie-dyed lining by Kathryn Sillince of Magpie Accessories UK Harris Tweed Satchel Green Herringbone by Catherine Aitken

Raw edge leather bag with beach pebble detail - teal by coteriedesign

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