Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Something That Looks A Bit Like Abraham Lincoln & Umbrellas

Day173 of the Doodle Olympics - Some doggy doodles.
Day 174 of the Doodle Olympics - This week has seen me obsessing over umbrellas. Not all of my umbrella shenanigans are here, but I do love an umbrella!
 Day 175 of the Doodle Olympics - Another umbrella...
Day 176 of the Doodle Olympics - ...and another. Here I was trying to go for a singing in the rain moment, but unfortunately the chap looks more Abraham Lincoln than Gene Kelly.
Day 177 of the Doodle Olympics - I would like to start doing more character drawing, but I know that if I ever want to be any good at it, first I need to master drawing people and understand anatomy etc much better. I've found out some old photos and I'm starting with children and all their odd proportions.
Day 178 of the Doodle Olympics - It is all quite odd, the slightest movement in line and a toddler can turn into an old person, and as for hands - don't talk to me about hands!
Day 179 of the Doodle Olympics - In fact, don't talk to me about feet either! ;)

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