Friday, 1 June 2012

This Week... Bright, Beautiful Flowers & Bottles of Wine

This week... We decided to enjoy a glorious Saturday morning having a walk at Virginia Water. We decided to leave our usual route around the lake and head off into the paths amongst the flowers instead, and it was just so beautiful. With all this warm weather I haven't felt much like eating hot meals so I've made frozen yogurt for the first time. We don't have an ice cream maker, so had to use the freeze and whip it up periodically method, except I may have forgotten it a bit. It is now very solid but still very tasty. I haven't wanted any soup for lunch, so I'm heading back towards having smoothies, starting with fruits of the forest and cherries. I won a case of wine from Tesco Wines last week and they have arrived on my doorstep. We're saving them for the Jubilee weekend. I made a new pasta salad that seemed to go down well even though I forgot to put basil in. It has roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic, smoked bacon and olives. It was delicious. Finally I spent a wonderful day with Lyds and baby Archie. We may have had scones with jam and clotted cream... I'd attempted to bake my own scones for the first time ever, they were okay, but decided not to inflict them on Lyds, they were a bit heavy. We may also have had whipped cream with strawberries and meringue... maybe... :)

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