Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello 30s - Day 143 - 153

Day 143:Somebody has a birthday just around the corner, so I have been toy shopping again. I could have sworn these guys were supposed to be woodland animals...

Day 144:
Now don't laugh. This was my first attempt at needle felting. I made some balls. And yes, I also stabbed myself. I had read how much it hurt, and it really really does, more than normal needles, it left a sore spot on the ol' finger.

Day 145:
This is the latest addition for our spare room, well it isn't in there yet, it needs a bit of love first. We won it on ebay, I love it, it is a bit tatty but has loads of character, and a secret drawer...that I have already managed to jam, but that just makes it reeeeaaalllyy secret :)

Day 146:
Cupcake! No I haven't been baking again, mine wouldn't look this good. Boyfriend treated me to some lemon cupcakes, yummy.

Day 147:
To celebrate my friend Lyd's 30th, we went to The Peacock Bar in Clapham, on Saturday, for a cocktail lesson. A lot of fun was had, and we did try to tell her to drink sensibly, but would she listen???

We layered up our own shots - well mine is the one in the middle that didn't layer as well, but it still tasted yummy.

Mai Tai!

Day 148:
I have been spending a little time at my new bureau, doing a bit of doodling.

Day 149:
The new cupboard that I had been painting, is now standing up in the spare room, with door attached. I filled the first shelve up with gift boxes.

Day 150:
Pretty patterns :)

Day 151:
My new old tin that I won on Ebay (...again). I love it. Somebody, somewhere had this tin, I don't know if it was my nan, or a friend, or if there was one somewhere at school, but there is definitely a memory attached to it, and I was determined to make it mine!!!

It is now the home to all my polymer clay tools.

The spare room is still a work in progress, but I am very happy with this tiny corner.

Day 152:
Another item that will be added to the spare room. This orangutan was a present from my friend Liz a few years back. She is a very talented lady. I hope she doesn't mind me changing the frame, it was a black one, but the spare room is going to be white, blue and orange.

Day 153:
A good way to start the day. I awoke in a very good mood, and seems as it was going to be a long day, what with boyfriend going out on a work do, straight from work, I thought I would treat myself to maple smoked bacon, and cinnamon french toast :)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hello 30s - Day 131 - 142

Day 131:So this is where I put Rob when he has been naughty :) Okay, so I sent him up into the attic again, to put even more things away, that we can't dispose off, but that we are happy to forget about???

Day 132:
I have been taking measurements, to try and work out what furniture we can buy, and where everything is going to go. However it was easier to see it, if I made a visual of the book shelf (saved me moving the bookcase around too).

Day 133:
Rob has made me a little shelf for our cupboard. Don't knock it, it took him ages :) I am so pleased though, have you ever noticed that if you don't do something to contain pillows, they will take up whatever space you give them???

Day 134:
Bookshelf and draws have turned out alwhite - haahaha :)

Day 135:
Yum!! Puffins! Well choc chip maple pancake muffins! Easy to bake, squidgy, pop in the mouth loveliness. I found the recipe via Pinterest - which is one of my new favourite online places to go.

Day 136:To myself, and probably you, this is just a bit of Skype message. However, in actual fact it was a momentous occasion! In the space of one day I spoke to both my brother in law, and my sister, on Skype. It was a world first, and a fall of your chair in surprise moment. They pay for broadband, so I am trying to encourage them to use it a bit more, B-I-L is more forthcoming than my sister though, she is going to be a bit more work :)

Day 137:
Yum!!! Yeastless Cinnamon Rolls. Yet another recipe found via Pinterest :)

Day 138:
I found great delight in my different coloured spoons while preparing our curry :)

Day 139:
I spent the evening with my mate Lyd, and we played Dance Central on their new Kinect for about 2 hours, I hurt for the following 2 days :) I am absolutely rubbish at dancing, but it did bring out my competitive side. I could have taken a photo of Lyd in action, but that seemed a bit cruel :)

Day 140:
My absolutely free showcase arrived from Moo. Now I can keep my cards in there, rather than in my wallet, where the corners get bashed. Shame they only do them in black or white though, a teal, or hot pink, or orange, would have been awesome!

Day 141:
My next painting project. This going to be my craft cupboard, and it is going to look awesome!

Day 142:
Valentines Day! Rob and I don't really go mad for Valentine's day, just a card ( I made my own for him this year), and a nice meal, courtesy of the M&S dine in for £20. Far more important to make time for each other, rather than go mad for presents, although I did refuse to help Rob find a pen, to write my card, when he got in from work - Why can't men be just a little bit organised??? :)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hello 30s - Day 117 - 130

Day 117:Before all my things got hidden away, because of decorating chaos, I was experimenting with polymer, I would quite like to get back to it, when I have some space to work again.

Day 118:
We spent a lovely evening with Rob's brother and sister-in-law. We met at the Sir Roger Tichborne, and had a lovely meal and a catch-up. I just love these biscuits that arrive with coffee, I ended up with 2 and I don't even drink coffee :)

Day 119:
While clearing out the spare room, I came across my old polaroid i-zone camera, that took photos, and spat them out instantly as stickers. It was quite exciting, but unfortunately, even though the camera worked, the films were now laughably out of date, and they don't create them anymore. Boo!

Day 120:
The Spare Room, emptied and ready for decorating! The problem with decorating in our house, especially with this room, is that our house is very small, and this room stores a lot of things. When it is emptied like this, the rest of the house is literally destroyed, no room has escaped some kind of bag, basket, pile of books, or pile of boxes. Even the bathroom has a basket of toys, an A0 folder full of paper, and a shelf, and our bathroom is so diddy, it doesn't even have a window!

Day 121:
I have been buying something rather lovely, and super cute, but I can't say what yet, as it is a gift :) However it arrived from a very lovely Folksy seller, called Katie, wrapped up all pretty, and I was very pleased - I'll show it at a later date :)

Day 122:
My new business cards arrived from Moo which was very exciting, I am very pleased with them, which is just as well seems I have 200 :)

Day 123:
This was my other awesome present from my friend Rachel (the one who created the awesome Pegasus print). It is a cake stand from the V&A. I wanted to wait until I had some lovely pretty cakes to put on it, and when I could put it on a nice table cloth, not surrounded buy loads of wires and piles of stuff ...

... I am impatient though, so I whipped up some oat cookies, just so I could use it :)

Day 124:
Wall painted, skirting boards, and doorways painted, this was door number one!

Day 125:
I thought my huge, rather epic lunch, was rather colourful.

Day 126:
I have been doodling a few things recently, hearts and stars in this case.

Day 127:
Sunday night and Rob decided to make Foccaccia, unfortunately something went wrong, and it didn't rise, so it was somewhat heavy. However it was still packed with flavour, and went down very nicely with some olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and our bolognase.

Day 128:
It was from one of those moments, when I wish I had, had my camera, but I didn't, so had to make a sketch as soon as I got home. I had been walking into town, when I was confronted with what looked a bit like some kind of domesticated dalek. What this actually was, was a tartan shopping trolley loaded up, with boxes on top. The alarming part had been, that at first it appeared to be moving independently. It was only as I got a bit closer that the face of a little old lady, peered out round the side, and beneath an overhanging box. She was so so tiny too, well below 5ft, I don't know how she was managing it?? It made my day.

Day 129:
I haven't used my watercolours in a while, but I have been making both birthday, and valentines cards for Rob.

Day 130:
My second hand books arrived this week, and a biography of Beatrix Potter was one of them. I have finished it already. I became interested after watching Miss Potter over christmas. I found it quite charming, but was curious as too how much was true, and how much was altered for film drama. It was a really interesting read, and I think she sounded like a fascinating lady, and it left me feeling quite inspired.