Friday, 22 June 2012

This Week... Puffin, Paint & Chocolate Cake

This week... I had a new book in the post ready for me to review, it looks very interesting but I haven't had much time to look at it yet. I had lots of parcels in the post, which although very exciting, just means I've been buying too many things :) I now have more postcards for our wedding, but this time they are Puffin children's book covers :) I also ordered some paper and paint. So pleased to have some proper paper to draw on, there will be no more doodle olympics on that thin toilet paper stuff!
I don't know about any other couples, but when the other half is working late and I'm cooking for one, it is treat time! I made mac and cheese in a saucepan, from this recipe, it wasn't the best I've had, but quite convenient if not cooking enough pasta to fill a baking dish. Then there was chocolate cake, no I didn't make it, it's from the Co-Op, and those aren't just any choc digestives, they are caramel choc digestives. Of course it all had to be washed down with strawberry milk - I know, most people may have opted for a glass of wine, being adult and sophisticated, and I even thought about it - for a second.

So to try and get back into painting, as I haven't really done any since college, which was a good twelve years ago (eek!), I decided to start small and try my hand at ACEOs. I didn't actually realise how small they were, who paints that small? I high five any of you that paint amazing things at such a scale!

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  1. The Postcards from Puffin looks great , just my sort of thing, must check this out.
    I am loving your ACEO'S, am so glad your painting again ! x I ahd never heard of ACEO'S until a few years ago and even then i was wondering the difference between them and ATC, its seemed a whole new world. I found drawing that small tricky, after wasting a whole bunch of ACEO cards i realised i could draw on some cheap paper the template and just practice. I love to see more of your painting :)