Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Found - Bookish

It seems the only secondhand bargains that are out there right now are books. We went to a car boot sale at our local RSPCA this week. As far as I can tell it isn't a regular one, but I did really enjoy it and thought there was a lovely range of items and sellers. I also liked that we were asked for a donation rather than an actual entry fee, not that we would object to supporting poor kittens and puppies, but I just think it is more polite. You can see the three books we picked up below - again to be used as props for our wedding, they came to a total of £1.80.

To celebrate this love of books, here are a collection of bookish finds available to buy online from UK sellers. As usual click the link below to be taken through to the item. Thanks!

Books 8 x 12" Print by Lola's Room
Wooden Book Necklace - Available in 8 Colours by Lucie EllenBooks poster print, Dr Seuss quote, 11 x 17in (A3), artists giclee print by Visual Philosophy

Enjoy a good book - Jane Austen Quote - Pen drawn poster by Chatty Nora

Hopeful - 16"x12" photograph of an altered book sculpture by Justin Rowe

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