Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Flowers, Bees & Pretty Leaves & Whacking Holes in Bark

Day 145 of the Doodle Olympics - This week I experienced a few days of cricket bat to the back of the head headaches. I didn't really feel like drawing. My heart wasn't in it but I lay on the sofa and took the pencil by the very top end, and tried to draw something. I quite like that it is all very loose and loopy, and lacking in control.

Day 146 of the Doodle Olympics - Headache day 2. This time I closed my eyes so I could draw the bees, I opened them to decide where to draw each bee, and also opened them the draw the dashed lines and the shopping bags - What are bees without shopping bags?

Day 147 of the Doodle Olympics - Another loose drawing, that turned into a swirly wall adorned with frames, with pictures of birds inside. No I don't know why either. :)

Day 148 of the Doodle Olympics - Well it has been a bit hot hasn't it? :)

Day 149 of the Doodle Olympics - As well as having various Eurovision songs in my head, I have also had 'Let's Go Fly A Kite'.

Day 150 of the Doodle Olympics - Decorative leaves.

Day 151 of the Doodle Olympics - Decorative Mushrooms

Other things I've been working on this week include bark lanterns. I have found whacking holes into the bark quite satisfying. I had a little ebay shop for more copper wire, organza, and polystyrene balls, and continuing on from last week, I've melted more bits of organza, this time yellow/gold and copper. I've also started to make notes on the 'Bag for all Reasons' book, but didn't get far with all those headaches, maybe next week ;) . 

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