Friday, 25 May 2012

This Week... Solo, Snog & Giant Sausage Rolls

This week... We spent some time over in Norfolk at the beginning of the week. We were supposed to have our engagement shoot but it was cancelled due to horrible grey weather (you wouldn't think it now right?). Instead we went with my folks for a meal at The Feathers in Snettisham and had a delicious roast beef dinner, and a wee bit too much wine. The restaurant room was just lovely. On our way home the following day, we swung by Swaffham and called in at Cocoes cafe and deli, where we picked up some cake, that we had as we swung by Rob's parent's house, and two giant sausage rolls, that we had when we got back home. Delicious. My third volume of Solo by Lizzy Stewart arrived and made me very happy. On Thursday I went for a wonderful sunny lunch with Anna from Sakura Jewellery, and after, as we spent the afternoon chatting away, she gave me the book "Snog". It was like she read my mind, I had only said to Rob the day before that I would quite like to make frozen yogurt, and this book has it! :) Have a great weekend!

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