Sunday, 20 May 2012

There Is Something About... Heidi ...Sunday

So, if you follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, you may have noticed that I won a wonderful blog giveaway from Heidi McDonald's Scissors and Glue Facebook Page. So I wanted to share my goodies with you! 
The prize included an adorable felt orange owl - he now has pride of place in my orange corner, at the desk where I do all my crafty work - a cute little acorn brooch (which I accidently missed out from the photo - oops), little birdy cards, and three Gocco Screen prints/cards. I would love to have a Gocco screen printer myself, so these are super exciting, and they have turned out brilliantly.

So as an extra thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway, I thought I would introduce you to Heidi, for those of you that haven't discovered her work already. 

Heidi is an illustrator, painter, artist, and creator, living by the sea in Dorset. She creates wonderfully cute and whimsical characters that all seem to tell a story, and are brought to life mostly through water colour and promarkers.

Heidi has an Etsy shop called Little Nore, where you can find anything from ACEOs, prints, cards, stickers, decorative boxes, zines, and brooches. As well as running Little Nore, Heidi works on commissions, and has started the process of creating her first book. 

I have loved reading Heidi's blog, and following her illustration journey. I love that she shares so much of her work, and I've been inspired by her honesty, and admire how she is constantly trying to push her work, and experiment with new mediums and styles, in order to keep her work fresh, and to ensure that she is stretching herself, and developing further. Heidi is currently taking part in an online painting course called 'Paint your Story' where she is trying to recapture her seven year old self. It focuses on taking creativity back to a time, where you did something creative because you could, and because it was fun, and you didn't care what people thought. She is currently experimenting with, and embracing a liberating free and playful style, incorporating collage, and a loose painterly effect. It is a wonderful process to observe, and I think it is something we creative types should all consider, when we are sitting around, spending far too much time worrying about if we are or aren't 'good enough', or fretting over how to pay the bills, it is an excercise that harnesses and embraces your talent. 

Finally, I can't end this post with showing introducing you to Nora, Heidi's cat, aww just look a that face!

Heidi can also be found on Twitter!


  1. What a delightful blog post...all about me. :D
    I love so much how you get what i am doing in my art. This has to be the nicest post i have ever seen written about me thank you, and i am so glad you like your giveaway pressies. And of course to end the blog post with my cat Nora...well that made my day xx

    1. Aww I'm so pleased that you liked it! That has made my day ;) xx

  2. Aww I LOVE Heidi! She's my favourite illustrator in the universe!!!!! Oooh and a new blog to follow too xxx