Friday, 18 May 2012

This Week... A Prize, Things That Grow & some Earrings

I'm not going to lie, a This Week post can become a little sad when you take out the work element (that will now appear on Wednesday), and those magical finds (that will now appear on Tuesday), but never the less... 
This Week... I received a parcel in the post - it was a prize (but more on that, hopefully, over the weekend). I saw something trying to randomly grow from a wall, I like things growing from walls, there is a little Secret Garden magic about them. I ate some apple and strawberries, don't be fooled that I'm healthy, there were giant cookies too. I think my ginger is trying to grow. I have never thought about growing ginger before, I really don't know anything about growing... anything. However, I have found out that it grows in a tropical climate, but that if I put it in a pot and keep it indoors, it might grow, but it doesn't like direct sunlight, and I might get a problem with spider mites. Trying to decide if I should give it a go? Finally, I have a new pair of Emma earrings listed on dawn bevins design, hopefully more will be added soon.

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