Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Found - Basket... Cases...

I was away for a long weekend this week, so yet again, I was unable to get along to my local charity shops. I was in Norfolk, and on Sunday we visited The Granary in Snettisham. The Granary has a coffee shop and gifts for sale downstairs, but I was interested in the antiques and collectables upstairs. There is an odd assortment of wares with the space being rented out to various sellers, but I found a few pieces, mostly to be used as wedding props. The first was a book, to add to the growing collection of old books. It was only 50p. I'll be taking the cover off, but maybe I could frame it, I do quite like old book cover illustrations. Then we found a frame, that isn't for the wedding, we just thought it was quite nice for a couple of pounds. Then followed three wicker baskets. I'm after fairly small rectangular baskets, that we are hoping to use for a sweet bar when we get married. Finally, we picked up two small, old battered suitcases. They have seen better days, but we want them to put the wedding cards in. 

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