Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bird Bird Bird, the Bird is the Word...

In keeping with my new efforts to be more organised and consistent, I'm going to aim to update the Doodle Olympics every Wednesday, along with anything else I've been working on. In theory it will be called "What's going on Wednesday", but I'll probably stick to more decorative titles, just for fun. 

Day 131 of the Doodle Olympics: So after the last doodle in the last post, I decided that I was quite taken with birds, so began drawing them... daily... :/ I like this guy, like the other bird he wears a jumper, and I like to think that he is flapping out his wing, and saying 'Aww shucks - you guuuuyyyss'. 

Day 132 of the Doodle Olympics: "But I don't want to go in the water"

Day 133 of the Doodle Olympics: This little chap, looks down on people a bit (not literally of course, he's too small). He thinks he is right about everything, but I'll let you into a little secret... he is nearly always wrong, but there is no telling him!

Day 134 of the Doodle Olympics: This guy is looking pretty worried, his wings are all up in the air, and he has got himself into as bit of a flap, maybe he has just seen the peacock below...

Day 135 of the Doodle Olympics: This Peacock is a real lady... or is she?? We all know that the flamboyant peacocks are the males - just saying! 

Day 136 of the Doodle Olympics: Derren the duck, he doesn't dare to swim - What is wrong with him?

Day 137 of the Doodle Olympics: This dashing fellow is Speckled Spencer, he likes tea, crumpets, and a spot of afternoon dancing.

Other things I've been working on... Popping my Zombie Kitty Plays Cupid collage onto Society6, I mentioned that I had finished it last week, but it is now available online. I've also been reading Steampunk Accessories, and making appropriate notes, in order to write a review for UK Handmade. It is proper homework, that is why I'm allowed, tea, strawberry milk, and a cookie! :)


  1. I shall look forward to your review! For now, though, thank you for getting the Ramones stuck in my head for the day ;-)