Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bears, Bees & Birds - One day my titles will begin with another letter other than 'B'

Day 123 of the Doodle Olympics: It's another one of those weird tall trees, that looks a bit like a beanstalk. It isn't supposed to be a beanstalk, birds don't nest in magic beanstalks, so I've been told anyway. 

Day 124 of the Doodle Olympics: So I started to consider what it would be like to have a pet bear. At the moment we have other people's cats using our garden as a public toilet, it is a tad annoying, and I bet they wouldn't do it if we had a pet bear. No - we don't need to go into where the bear would toilet - details, details *rolls eyes*.

Day 125 of the Doodle Olympics: Of course bears, adult ones at least, are usually on the large size, so I began thinking about bears in every day confined spaces, like baths...

Day 126 of the Doodle Olympics: ... single beds...

Day 127 of the Doodle Olympics: ... and one man tents. I imagine this would make a bear quite grumpy.

Day 128 of the Doodle Olympics: I may have been watching Bee Movie, so I may have drawn some flowers, and I may have drawn a bee - of sorts - and I may have written 'Buzz' a few times... which actually just makes me think of Toy Story...

Day 129 of the Doodle Olympics: So, following on from the above image, this doodle was of flowers sans bees, to illustrate how bee numbers are in decline - no sorry, I jest, it was just a doodle of flowers. On a serious note, the decline of bees is a very sad business, that I'm very unhappy about. 

Day 130 of the Doodle Olympics: I love this guy. I love that he is clearly some kind of big geek beak, with his waistcoat, bow tie, and woolly jumper with floral motif. I have a real obsession for birds with big beaks at the minute, while the beak on this guy is more 'toucan-esque', the one thing in the world, that I wish I could change (aside from loads of stuff like ending famine, cruelty and war), is the lack of Dodo bird, I would have loved to have seen a Dodo. :(

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