Monday, 2 April 2012

Something Fishy & Stripy Boos

It has been so busy around here for the last few weeks, that I haven't had much time to sit down at the computer and update the Doodle Olympics. It looks set to stay that way for the next couple of weeks too, but hopefully, after that, I will be able to update a little more often. Thanks for sticking with me! :)

Day 81 of the Doodle Olympics - A random doodle.

Day 82 of the Doodle Olympics - Do you ever get a word stuck in you head, it just repeats itself over and over? Mine was the the word "Boo".

Day 83 of the Doodle Olympics - There was nothing really imaginative going on in my mind today, all I could come up with was an eye, and not a very good one either, oh well I will do better next time :)

Day 84 of the Doodle Olympics - Easter is coming don't you know, so I decorated and egg!

Day 85 of the Doodle Olympics - a cat amongst some florals!

Day 86 of the Doodle Olympics - Little fragmented fishes.

Day 87 of the Doodle Olympics - A quick little sketch of what we are planning for the tables at our wedding.

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