Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bells, Bells & Hairy Bikers

Day 111 of the Doodle Olympics - Bells, decorative bells. I am thinking a lot about weddings at the moment, what with trying to make paper flowers, and trying on dresses etc. So what do I think of when I think of weddings? Bells. It's a bit silly really, considering we won't have any bells at our wedding. 

Day 112 of the Doodle Olympics - A second day of bells - I'm pretty sure it will be over soon... then maybe it will be horseshoes or wedding cakes! :)

Day 113 of the Doodle Olympics - Or hearts! They remind me of weddings too, and I still can't stop decorating things in circles and flowers...

Day 114 of the Doodle Olympics - More circles and flowers, a bit of french, and well, a bit of good ol' British weather talk ;)

Day 115 of the Doodle Olympics - I was watching The Hairy Bikers on Bakeation last night, soooo.... Well it seemed like a good idea at the time, but truth be told, I have only ever drawn faces from photographs, never from moving people on television. The question mark is purely an apology for a bad doodle! Still they were in France which fits quite well with the current french theme I have going on...

Day 116 of the Doodle Olympics - Today is blinkin' miserable outside, someone said we are supposed to be getting a months worth of rain in one day. However, I have clearly been inspired by the big drops hitting my window, and fortunately I don't have to go out in it, so all is well! :)

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