Friday, 13 April 2012

This Week x2 - Cards, Cards, Cards & Pom Poms

Yet another two weeks have skipped by, I was off in Norfolk last week, and seems as my parents aren't online, I went completely dark for a good three/four days, which was actually quite nice, but I am now running behind on pretty much everything! So...
Last week... I painted a wee card for my friend's little boy, Fubby and I went to see our parents in Suffolk and Norfolk. My niece and nephew (and my sister) were also at my parents, and asked Fubby to teach them how to play cards. He showed them how to play Black 2, so we played that, and then we played it again, and again, and again and... then we visited Hunstanton so the kids could play and eat ice creams... then there was some more Black 2...

This week... We left my parents with the back of the car filled with conifer trunks. We took them to Fubby's parents, where he and his dad, cut them into little chunks and cut little slots in them, for place card holders. I also prepared for the baby shower by making tissue paper pom poms, and the tissue paper broke my scissors! I also made Rocky Road - hopefully it will make it to the baby shower! :)

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  1. hehe, I remember playing the same card games over and over....really want some rocky road now!

    Beadingshaz :)