Friday, 30 March 2012

This Week x2...Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

I was off having fun in the Cotswolds at the end of last week/start of this week, so never had chance to post, so the post this week, is a bumper 2 week edition. 
So this week (and last) we discovered a pretty bottle of wine from M&S, with a pretty label, and a fruity flavour. 
Rob's late birthday presents arrived - he had to wait for them to be published.
More pretty fabric arrived, for me to make flowers from.
Some paper samples arrived - we are beginning to think about our pretty invites.
A book full of pretty cakes arrived, for me to review.
A pretty parcel was sent to a pretty, new baby girl.
We visited pretty Tetbury, where we bought pretty cakes.
Groomie got pretty nervous, and man hugs were needed.
There were pretty sparkly brooches placed in pretty hair.
There were pretty dresses, and pretty ladies being put into dresses,
and of course there were pretty bouquets, and the Bride's mum gave us pretty flowers to take home.  

I shall be updating on my daily doodle challenge too - that is going to require a few posts!! :)

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