Friday, 3 February 2012

Hmmm - Cold Penguins, Drunken Owls, & A Cleaning Peacock

Day 32 of the Doodle Olympics - So I was thinking about drawing a peacock, while I was hoovering the stairs... the end result being a feather duster peacock  -  obviously...

 Day 33 of the Doodle Olympics - This is Eric, and he does not like the cold. 

Day 34 of the Doodle Olympics - A drunken owl, shall we call him Reginald? I was in the middle of sketching him while listening to a bit of Dave McPherson, very exciting, as I am going to his gig tonight. The "Bom Bom" bits are in homage to Dave, they feature in a song called "Last Year", that I was listening to at the time. Is Reginald swaying, as he makes a drunken speech, or just wriggling, and shimmying to a tune only he can hear, I'm not sure, I think he should probably be bopping along.  

1 comment:

  1. I love the owl, and if you are selling the feather duster peacock I will put my order in now!

    Ali (Miss WinnieMakes) x