Thursday, 2 February 2012

This Week... Birthdays, Blogs, Books & Bracelets

Today's blog post is brought to you with the letter 'B'. How was that for alliteration? It wasn't planned either, I have only just noticed as I typed it in! 
I thought it would be nice to do a weekly round up, I haven't decided if it will be an ongoing thing yet, ask me next week ;)
This week has been pretty quiet, other half has been getting over his cold, and we are trying to sort out our wedding catering. 

Birthday! - We went out for a meal, to celebrate a friend's birthday. That is him there with one of his presents. 

Blog Post - I was lucky to be interviewed and featured in the Sue Bulmer blog this week, that was very exciting. It was odd seeing my drawings somewhere other than my own blog. It was lovely that Sue was interested in my drawing project, I never expect anyone to want to read anything I say, even on here I always think I am chattering away to myself, the stats say otherwise though  - *waves at readers*... unless they are just trying to humour me ;)

Product Photos - I imagine you will be seeing more of these. I have an endless amount of product photos to take, but had to stop all of last week, due to a bulb situation. We now have two bright matching LED bulbs, no more filament breakage for me, no siree!

Finished - I am loving these books. Sorry to say, that like a lot of people, I didn't pick them up until the first one was put on television, but who cares, I am reading, and appreciating them now right? This one was so full of drama, but I won't divulge, I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone. I raced through it, but unfortunately I can't read the next one until my fella has finished reading it... I did buy them for him for Christmas after all. :)

Look out for another update on The Doodle Olympics, it will be coming at ya very soon! 

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