Thursday, 16 February 2012

This Week... Cakes, Duck, Hair & Zines

Friday afternoon/evening saw me delving into, and impromptu cakey bakey sesh. It was Fubby's birthday, except it was also a leaving shindig at work, so he was coming home late. I was a bit bored, and it turns out I had everything I needed for cupcakes, hurrah! 

It also turns out I had enough ingredients for snickerdoodles too. Both were a hit - yes even the cupcakes, I pimped them up with blackcurrant jam, and almond buttercream, bakewell cupcakes anyone? - result! 

 This week also saw my first book review on UK Handmade. you can read it here! :)

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day? We don't go overboard, but we give each other cards, I tend to always make one. Last year it was a Star Wars theme, another year it was World of Warcraft. Beginning to run out of ideas now though :)

We stayed in and got ourselves the Waitrose Valentines Meal - Cheese tarts to begin with, followed by stuffed duck, with vegetables and potato rosti, and passion fruit panna cotta for dessert, very delicious, and very filling. We had also treated ourselves to Guylian chocolates because they were on offer, we didn't manage to finish all 32 of them though :)

I have new hair. I'm not a big fan of having my picture taken, but thought I would make an effort. There were some of me smiling, some of me being serious, some of me looking scared (of the camera), and some of me just being daft. I asked Fubby which one I should choose... he chose this one... thanks Fubby. 

Very excited by my little parcel in the post. I happened to see a tweet by Lizzie Stewart, saying there were only 20 copies left of her Solo zine - so for second time in a week, spontaneity kicked in, and I made an impromptu purchase. I love it, witty and observational. Who knows if I will mange to get the next one - fingers crossed. 

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