Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pancakes, Beanstalks, Textiles & Jelly

Day 47 of the Doodle Olympics - I think it probably says it all really. I was asking myself what to draw, and it turned into some kind of Mexican, wall hanging, rug, come woven textile thingy... and that there is technical jargon!

 Day 48 of the Doodle Olympics - There is no reasoning or inspiration to this doodle... nada, it just is. 

Day 49 of the Doodle Olympics - Well clearly this time I was inspired,by jelly!! Who isn't inspired by jelly, is is so full of joy, and movement, and you only ever eat it at parties, which are always fun. Please note I had no jelly :( I just happened to be thinking about jelly. 

Day 50 of the Doodle Olympics - Inspired by an episode of Family Guy we were watching. We love Family Guy. I think this was a line from it, or something very much like it, but it tickled me. :)

Day 51 of the Doodle Olympics - Slightly inspired by Harry Potter, even though I was watching NCIS at the time.

Day 52 of the Doodle Olympics - Shrove Tuesday of course, except we didn't have any pancakes in our house - no don't feel bad for me, we have pancakes for breakfast on the weekend quite often. I didn't see the Maid Marian clip posted anywhere on Facebook this year though, that was disappointing.

Day 53 of the Doodle Olympics - Jack...

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