Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Last Week... In Which I Was Very Busy, Preparing For & Attending A Hen Party

So I didn't get around to writing my 'This Week' post for Friday, I had the photos taken but ran out of time, due to organising and going away for a hen party. So here I am playing catch up, and giving you a 'Last Week' post instead :) I also need to take more photos of my doodle a day images, so I can update those blog posts too, one post at a time though!
I made up little gift parcels for the hens, they included some sweets, but when I came to sort them out for wrapping, it turned out that the Drumstick lollies had started to leak, I couldn't put leaky lollies in, eurgh, so Fubby and I had to eat them instead ;)

The Hen's sash arrived, and I had lots of fun, sticking on shiny gems, and stars!

 Painting little Zombie guys, that will hopefully appear on my site at some point. 

Doodling names tags for the hen party parcels.

 The parcels.

 My new InMe album arrived, always very exciting!!

Baking for the Hen Party - Snickerdoodles, and Mojito Cookies. :)

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