Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hello 30s - Day 109 - 116

New daily photo project update! It is taking a while at the minute, and my week has been taken over by decorating.

Day 109:This is possibly more boring than the photo of the jars, however this random, empty corner is significant, this was the day we finally took our christmas tree down.

Day 110:
My 'To Do" list. I generally make a new list every night, it is a good way to keep me motivated. I also decide before I sleep which things I will start with first, as it stops me dithering in the morning. Starred items are those I begin with, or that need doing. I also have to have tick boxes, there is no fun in a list if there isn't a box to tick.

Day 111:
We arrived at my folks house Friday night, and there was a little pile of things for me to sort through. My mum and dad are hoping to move, so they have started having a clear out. These are some of the books they had found. I did used to enjoy the animals of Timbuctoo, and everybody loved Mr Men, and Lil Miss. I decided these were for the keep pile. This was just the tip of the iceberg though.

Day 112:Saturday evening saw me visiting my sister and her family, and seeing my brother and his family. I had a lovely time, it was great to catch up, and there was more lovely present exchanges. The daytime however, had seen me sitting in my old bedroom, sorting through boxes, that my dad had been sent to fetch from the attic. In case you are wondering what this drawing of a Care Bear is about, this was the costume my sister and mum made for me, for a fancy dress competition, at some point while I was in primary school. It was a sheet with 3 Care Bears on it. I can only assume I was supposed to be Care Bear Land ... I didn't win. I took some photos for the memories, but it had to go.

This fella also bit the dust. I am quite fond of him, but I just don't have the space to fill my little house with all my old artwork from school, college and university. You probably can't tell, but this is supposed to be Thom Yorke, and yes he is made from copper, wire, some bits of fabric, and various parts of a radio :) You may groan at the Radiohead pun, but he contributed to an 'A' in 'a' level art, so I'm not apologising for it. Sadly we have now had to part ways. I did manage to keep George the fish though, from my GCSE coursework. He is getting on to 15 years old now, which just goes to show how far a bit of papier mache and paint can go, but I will save him for another time.

Day 113:
On the Sunday, before returning home, my friend Rachel popped over for tea. She brought me two of the most awesome presents. One I'm not showing you until it is put together, for now I am keeping it safe and boxed until an appropriate occasion??? This was the other, it is her very own screen print Pegasus design, and I absolutely love it. She is so wonderfully creative and talented, and I can't wait to get the decorating done, so I can have it up on the wall :) She has said she might send me smaller prints as she does them, I can't wait!!

Day 114:
I had my clay out, not just for a bit either, the whole day. Here are some extrusions made with my extruder tool. It is the first time I have used it properly since my friend Liz gave it to me, and I am loving it so, so much. It is like magic, and incredibly addictive. Even boyfriend seemed pretty impressed.

Day 115:
A second full day of clay! Lots of blues being played with today.

Day 116:
The last christmas present arrived! Gorgeous soft, soft, dark green wool from BabyLongLegs. Our order had been lost in the post, we had waited until January, on the off chance it had just been delayed, but it didn't appear, so Sarah kindly sent us another. We didn't need it until that week anyway, what with all the snow, and not getting to see people before christmas. So it all worked out really well, and Delia, who received the wool, was very,very pleased.

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