Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hello 30s - Day 88 - 98

Here is the next installment of the photo project that built up over the festive holiday :)

Day 88:These were my first christmas presents of the year, that I received from the lovely Lydia. I have already gone through a good chunk of the Kirstie book, and can't wait to have some me time, with a bottle of wine, Mr Depp, and some Vampires ;)

Day 89:
I won a candle from one stop pamper shop. I haven't lit it yet, I'm saving it... probably until I have that wine a dvd marathon :) It smells gorgeous though, white chocolate, yum! I had forgotten that I had won it, so it was nice when I received a heavy parcel from the postman, and had no idea what it was :)

Day 90:I made a big batch of oaty biscuits, from a recipe my Nan used to make. I love them, they are so simple, yet so tasty!!

Day 91:
Christmas Day!! I have to admit my camera was a little bit forgotten about over christmas, I kept getting distracted. We had a lovely time stopping at Rob's mum and dad's, and had a lovely christmas day visiting Rob's brother and sister-in-law, where we had the yummiest christmas meal. This was the Smoked Haddock Mousse starter, yum! It was at this point, when I started eating, that I forgot about my camera :) I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the full meal, it was glorious. Afterwards, once sat on the sofa, I literally, but happily, couldn't move! :)

Day 92:
This was Rob's, Mum and Dad's lovely frosty garden. They get a huge assortment of birds flying in to feed from the goodies that have been left out. Here are some Goldfinches.

Apples proved to be very popular, the blackbirds kept fighting over them, amongst themselves, and with some Fieldfares.

Day 93:
We had some lazy days once we got back home, where we didn't do very much at all :) So I took some photos of some of the treats we received over christmas. Every year Rob's mum creates her own christmas crackers, and buys a gift to go in each. This year all the boys received a mechanical tin toy car. I love it, I have a things about tin toys. We are having a sort out at the minute, but once there is a shelf free of christmas decor, this car is going on it.

This was part of our present from Rob's brother and his wife, Sandra always makes wonderful jams and chutneys. We are already half way through the nectarine relish, and there is only two halves of Nectarines in brandy syrup left, as I keep eating them with Nigella's cinnamon french toast - yum!!! I'm thinking that I might make some more oat biscuits, but try adding some of the pear honey...

Day 94:Rob's sister-in-law, knitted me this wonderful scarf. It is so pretty, I can't get over it.

I love the colours and the texture, it looks like it must have been pretty complicated, having said that I think Sandra can knit anything, she's a knitting whiz!

These are what the individual strands look like, I have no idea how she managed to knit with it without sending her eyes funny, or losing patience!

Day 95:
This was an extra christmas day meal gift from Sandra. It is a gorgeous little brooch from Silk Purse, Sow's Ear on Folksy. I am so taken with it, I think I might collect some of the other designs in the shop :)

This was my cracker present from Rob's Mum and Dad, a pretty silver star bracelet, it is absolutely gorgeous! I did feel so lucky on Christmas Day, to receive so many pretty thing to cherish.

Here is my Folksy Secret Santa present. Tell me who can deny loving bunting? Not me that is for sure. It is beautifully made, with patterned fabrics on one side and a plain purple on the other, I am chuffed to bits. Thank you to my Secret Santa Miss Baclart. :)

Here is my present from Rob's oldest brother and wife, lots and lots of gorgeous smelling things. I'm trying to be good and use up all of my left over bit and pieces, but don't we all just want to jump in, and start using brand new, filled to the brim, colourful bottles?

Day 96:
I imagine we weren't the only ones that decided that new goodies, means a clear out is needed. This is what happened to out spare room, when we decided to clear out the attic. It remained like this for two days, I couldn't seem to make a dent in it!

Day 97:
New Years Eve! We were invited over to friends, for the yummiest food and games. We had a lovely time, this was taken in the middle of a Raving Rabbids game. Rob is the one that looks very competitive :) I found out that I can cook and toss a steak very well, but am unable to play drums or race :)

Day 98:
New Year's Day! Still at out friend's house. Technically we had gone into New Year's Day at this point, and while our friends wiped the floor with us playing Articulate, their cute little puppy Memphis tried to see if he could reach his tail - not quite!

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