Friday, 14 January 2011

hello 30s - Day 99 - 108

Day 99:After removing all our belonging from the attic at the beginning of the year, I found piles and piles of photos that needed sorting, so I ordered some photo albums from WHSmiths, because they were buy 1 get 1 free :)

Day 100:
You turn you back for 5 minutes... I know it never comes across as well in a photo, but the cuteness of cats climbing into things never fails to impress me.

Day 101:
The last slice... or more accurately, large mammoth slice of christmas cake (courtesy of Rob's mum) of the year. I would like to say I didn't scoff it all myself, but I did, sat down in front of America's Next Top Model I think (of all the programmes to eat cake in front of), with a giant cup of tea :)

Day 102:
Rob and I went into Guildford, to pick up some belated Christmas treats for ourselves. Rob bought me my Paperchase diary, I get one every year, and I can't live without it. I like them, as they are page per day, and there is always at least one that I find so pretty, that I want to use it, and I think that is key with a diary, otherwise it sits and gathers dust.

Day 103:Photo albums received, and organisation in progress.

Day 104:
I wish this was more interesting than just a group of jars, but it isn't. The point is, I have collected them over christmas, but as yet have made nothing to go into them. I really must get working!

Day 105:This was The Pudding Club that I wrote about in my last post. Here is Lydia concentrating very hard on what score she wants to give her pudding.

Day 106:

The lovely shopper and certificate I received from The Pudding Club :)

Day 107:
Handmade stuffing balls with sausage meat, apple, onion, and chestnuts. They are still raw at this point, we were getting prepared for our feast the following day...

Day 108:
Christmas Day 2! Yes really. In an attempt to be less stressed, and spread the finances a bit, Rob and I didn't get each other presents for christmas. Instead we waited until January 11th, then had another christmas day, but more on that in another post.

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