Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year! & Hello 30s - Day 76 - 87

Happy New Year! I hope you are all well, and excited about the year ahead. I have enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed festive period, and I am now attempting to get back in the swing of things. I am about 20 photos behind with my photo project now, Christmas kind of got in the way, so I need to do a serious update, it will be split into two parts. Here is Day 76 - 87.

Day 76:It must have been a computer day, as this is the view from the spare room window, I just thought the sky looked pretty :)

Day 77:
It's that bloke with the guitar again. This was our fourth and final InMe gig of the last month, have to say thanks to Lydia for the photo, as I forgot my camera.

Day 78:
We put our christmas tree up. It is actually quite late for me, I'm a first weekend in December kind of girl usually, but this was the second weekend! It is only a fake little tree, but I love it, it is fat and really colourful :)

Day 79:
Researching bungalows for my parents, they are hoping that the New Year brings them a relocation.

Day 80:
This isn't a very exciting image I know, but if you had seen what that corner looked like before I tidied it, you would understand. It took a whole afternoon, just to tidy a corner of craft supplies!

Day 81:
These are the christmas lights inside the shopping and cinema complex in Camberley. We were going to see Harry Potter, and they frown upon you taking photos of films, so I took this while waiting for our friends. It made me feel rather festive, I had made a lot of presents this year, and bought online in advance, so had missed the general christmas hustle and bustle, but there is something quite nice about it all. I loved Harry Potter too, I felt a little let down by the last couple of films, but felt this one had picked up it's game a fair bit.

Day 82:
One of Lydia's presents was Coconut Ice, we gave here a whole box, but unfortunately there was a whole plate left over, oh no! ;)

Day 83:
After all the practicing, I finally created a tin of rather lovely Turkish Delight. I was really quite proud, then what did it go and do? That's right, it snowed, so my mum never got it :( , so I had to give it away to people instead.
However, now that I am practically a Turkish Delight pro, I will make my mum some more for when we go to visit :)

Day 84:
Snowman! I would like to claim I made it, but I didn't, I could just see it from my window. Every time we have snow I remind myself that I really need to get myself some suitable footwear for snow, so I can go out and play in it :)

Day 85:
Lydia's final present arrived for her 30th birthday. With all the snow and post delays, I was thinking it would be hopeless, but it arrived, and the postman received some of that turkish delight for making me very happy.

Day 86:
I spent the day baking cakes - yes most of the day. Yes, it is supposed to be blue.

Day 87:
We took Lydia's birthday cake, presents, and christmas presents round to her house.

It was the biggest rainbow cake she had ever seen. Lee May Foster from Bonbi Forest had made such a cake, and posted a photo on her blog, and when I saw it, I knew that Lydia would love it, and I had, had it in mind ever since. Thank you to Lee May.

Even I was a little impressed by it, I am all cake baked out now though!
Next update to follow very soon!


  1. what a fabulous cake, may have to favourite that one for a special occasion!!!

  2. Hi Dawn, I saw this through google alerts and it's great to see you decided to go with a photo a day project, awesome!
    Love the cake too, yours looks a lot neater than mine! Good work :)