Friday, 14 January 2011

Christmas Day 2

As I briefly noted in my last 'Hello 30s' update, on Tuesday, Rob and I had a second Christmas Day, where we exchanged presents we had bought for each other. We didn't go anywhere all day, so we really could pretend it was christmas day. We began the day with croissants, then leisurely spent the day cooking a roast chicken and all the trimmings. The postman must have thought we were a really odd pair, when we opened the door with christmas songs playing in January. There was wine, catalogue poses, crackers to pull, party hat wearing, presents, and a lovely day spent together :)

Rob's presents with the notebook that I made for him :)

Rob bought me my American style rag rug tool, and a needle felting kit, very exciting!

After our huge meal we watched the second half of Going Postal that we had recorded (normal everyday tv wasn't allowed). This was followed by Treacle pudding and custard (part of my gift from The Pudding Club), and then a game of Star Wars Monopoly. I lost in a terrible fashion, and we decided to call it a day when I was sent to jail for the twenty-fifth time, and was rapidly losing all my credits to the jail, and the huge monstrous planet and ship owner that was my boyfriend :) We then moved on to xbox Trivial Pursuit - I was beaten twice :)

Three party hats, and three wins later :)

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