Friday, 10 December 2010

Hello 30s - Day 63 - 75

Oops I think this might be my biggest update so far!

Day 63:
Boyfriend and I have been very good recently, not wasting money on snacks, and food we don't really need. However this was my first mince pie, and cheeky glass of red of the festive season :)
Also note the wee little mousey sugar scrub, that arrived as a free gift, with my order from Bits'n'Bobs.

Day 64:
"It crawls.... It creeps.... It eats you alive!" No it isn't a movie remake, it is my first ever attempt at turkish delight. In case you are wondering, it is seriously burnt.

Day 65:My second attempt at turkish delight. I definitely didn't burn it this time, it looks ... a bit lurid, but okay, the question is, would it set?

Day 66:
The answer is no, no it wouldn't set, the consistency was more like what you would find in those cheap, strawberry yogurts, with the fake cream on top. It tasted great, but you needed a spoon, so it was thrown away. The first time I failed I was pretty sad, this time, well, it just became something that wasn't going to beat me...

Day 67:
On a more positive note, what do you do with left over double cream? You mix it up with some milk, sugar, Green and Blacks cocoa, and a generous splash of Kahlua... well it was very cold!

Day 68:
As the rest of the country became buried in snow, someone dusted us with icing sugar.

Day 69:
The second attempt was a little more impressive,

Day 70:
My friend Lydia turns 30 on Christmas Eve, which is a little harsh, it makes it incredibly difficult to celebrate on the day, with all your friends shooting off to see family. It also makes it difficult to find decent birthday cards in the shops. This year, she planned ahead, and a bunch of us went to a thai restaurant, for some rather hot, but delicious food, and a rather yummy cocktail! We each had one of these trays for our main :) We followed this up with a bar and more cocktails.

Day 71:
I'm not sure if I have posted a pic of this balloon before? This was my balloon, that my sister gave to me for my 30th, a week before my birthday. I'm really impressed, that roughly 80 days later, it is still going :) However it will have to go this weekend, as it is living in my christmas tree corner, still I thought it deserved a mention for having great balloon stamina.

Day 72:
My friend,s Gayle and Paul, are due to get married in 2012, and have asked me to create wedding invitations. I haven't spoken to them in a while, not sure if they still want me to do them, but I have been knocking some ideas around. This was just me playing around with some typefaces for them to look at, as it doesn't seem fair to put ideas for their invites up here, before they see them.

Day 73:
One of Lydia's birthday presents arrived and as I don't have a fancy gift bag, I needed to wrap it in something. Normal wrapping paper just wasn't going to cut it, so I decided I would make it personal, and customise some brown paper with my own doodles - I do love brown paper and circles.

Day 74: The third attempt at turkish delight, the mixture was far thicker this time, which is why it is in a butter dish, as it didn't spread out as much. The butter dish was also the only other squarish container I could find. So did I succeed?

Day 75:
You bet I did :D I am really quite pleased to discover, that I am not quite the impatient quitter, that I had the suspicion I might be, I do actually persevere. More importantly I beat the turkish delight! Ha Ha!! :)

The final wrapped up present covered in my doodles. I personally think that it looks quite effective.

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