Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wacky Cars, Churches On Hills & Mr. Toad

Day 327 of the Doodle Olympics – This week I wanted to draw cars. I can't draw realistic cars to save my life, so I was aiming for more of a Wacky Races feel. Again I couldn't resist drawing some boxy buildings. :)

Day 328 of the Doodle Olympics – Badger... I find badgers really difficult too – their heads are really long!

Day 329 of the Doodle Olympics – Badger wasn't actually intended to be 'that' Badger, but he did get me thinking about The Wind in the Willows, which made me think about Mr Toad... I don't think I've attempted to draw toads before either.

Day 330 of the Doodle Olympics – I wanted this little chap to be looking down and playing, but I think he just looks a bit sorry for himself.

Day 331 of the Doodle Olympics – Church on a hill. I think it's something you see on christmas cards, right? I have a vague memory of something like that. I'm starting to feel a little festive! :)

Day 332 of the Doodle Olympics – Another church on a hill and more boxy buildings.

Day 333 of the Doodle Olympics – Little Mouse playing with building blocks. 

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