Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Partridge, French Hens & Colly Birds

Day 334 of the Doodle Olympics – Christmas is creeping closer, so I thought I would go for it and doodle Santa's workshop!

Day 335 of the Doodle Olympics – Baubles!

Day 336 of the Doodle Olympics – A partridge in a pear tree! Suitably festive and it also gives me another possible eleven doodles... not sure I'll get as far as twelve drummers, that's a lot of drummers!

Day 337 of the Doodle Olympics – Two turtle doves.

Day 338 of the Doodle Olympics – Three French hens.

Day 339 of the Doodle Olympics – I always thought this part of the song was four calling birds, but research suggests it was originally colly birds, or blackbirds.

Day 340 of the Doodle Olympics – Five GOOLLLLD Rings!! It's quite hard to draw five rings, they aren't the most dynamic of objects, so I decided to pop them on a reindeer type creature, whose antlers make wonderful jewellery holders. 


  1. Great, FESTIVE sketches!!! I especially like the rotund little French hens and the "Calling" birds. Such a cute scene on the clothes line! (Yup - I always thought they were "calling" too!!!)

    1. Lol Thanks Mit! Yup I googled because I was wondering are they called calling birds because they... erm... call and make a lot of noise, or is a specific bird? So I was quite surprised to find blackbirds! :)

  2. Wow, you doodled so much this year. Great achievement! And these are lovely:) And they definitely get me in the Christmas mood!

  3. thanks for sharing.