Monday, 12 March 2012

Evil rabbits, Hexagons & A Red Riding Hood Imposter

Day 67 of the Doodle Olympics - true story...

Day 68 of The Doodle Olympics - I saw a small boy determinedly squeezing himself between a wall and a lamp-post. Don't worry,  he had his mum with him, it wasn't like I saw a stuck child, and just left him there or anything.

Day 69 of the Doodle Olympics - I have no idea why I have drawn some kind of evil rabbit, in a waistcoated cowboy ensemble....

Day 70 of the Doodle Olympics - This is actually a different doodle, to the one I have from a week or so ago, I just found the triangles, hexagons and lines really relaxing, so thought I would do some more. 

Day 71 of the Doodle Olympics - Inspired by patchwork quilts.

Day 72 of the Doodle Olympics - A Riding Hood type character, pretty sure she isn't the real deal though, I mean since when did Red have a balloon? 

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