Friday, 29 October 2010

Hello 30s - Day 25 - 34

Day 25: I sat longer watching the printer than I would have liked. One part of me told myself to go and do something else while things printed, the wiser part of me, reminded myself of what happens when printers are left alone - paper jams, ink spills...

Day 26:
Supplies arrived - Hurrah!

Day 27:
Findings arrived - Hurrah!

Day 28:
This is my leg with a needle being tucked conveniently in the fabric. Pah! to pin cushions!

Yes I did stab myself...

Day 29:
This is my second day of sewing activities (secret christmas things), as you can see it is going really well!

Day 30:
There were sewing activities and shopping today. I am loving the celebratory classic tomato soup label.

Day 31:
Sewing activities nearly at an end, I put myself through some seriously intensive hours of doing nothing but sewing, and untangling threads. By this point I was starting to get things in order :)

Day 32:
Beads on sticks!

Day 33:

Day 34:
Had a tidy, as the guest room is actually going to be used as a guest room. No, this isn't the before picture, this is as tidy as it gets.

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  1. Yep- I keep my pins and needles there two despite a lovely handmade pincushion