Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hello 30s - Day 35 - 38

Day 35:I thought I would have loads of images to choose from today, as we went out for a girlie meal and chat. The chat turned out to be the problem, there was so much that I forgot all about my camera until we were being thrown out the pub at the end of the night, so a quick pic of one side of the dessert board it was - incidently I had chocolate fudge cake, and it was very nice.

Day 36:
That appears to be a rather iconic eye??? First bought christmas present of the year, well actually not the first bought, but the first to be in my possession. The first bought is from that high street store that begins in N and ends in T, who are being a bit disappointing :(

Day 37:
No it hasn't suddenly snowed :( , I was defrosting the freezer, but got all distracted by pretty ice :)

Day 38:I live in a reasonably built up area, but this what I can see out the window when I wake up in the morning. It struck me when I opened my eyes this morning, that I really am quite lucky :)

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