Tuesday, 19 October 2010

'Hello 30s' Project - Days 16 - 24

Day 16:Apologies for the image, I'm not trying to hurt you eyes! This is something I was playing with on my computer, but I can't share until after christmas, as it may turn into some kind of pressie for someone. This is actually going to start happening a lot, I'm finding it quite hard to take pictures every day when most of the things I am working on are for christmas.

Day 17:
So after a lot of umming and arrhing these were the final colour combinations I decided to try and create with the Cernit clay.

Day 18:
Cernit clay in action! You see I do actually create things away from the computer :) The clay was much softer than I am used to, so I found it quite hard to use. Ideally, I should have popped it in the fridge to firm it up before slicing, but I'm too impatient :)

Day 19:
Following on from the Lauren Child talk a few weeks ago, Boyfriend and I went to The Lightbox in Woking, as they were hosting a talk by David McKee, creator of classics like Mr Ben, King Rollo, and Elmer. I love hearing how children's writers and illustrators work, and what makes them tick, it was a really interesting evening.

Day 20:
So what do you do when your other half has left you alone for the evening, while on a work outing? You bake a cake of course!

Day 21:
Yet another picture of food - could it be that I was working on christmas presents again? This was in the middle of making vegetable lasagne.

Day 22:
Walking along the canal I was thrilled to see how the holly bushes had burst so vividly into berry, and I was even more excited by the huge cobweb in front of them.

Day 23:
Another walk! I love this time of year because all manner of fungi seem to appear like magic!

Day 24:
It suddenly went very dark over Bill's mothers :)


  1. ....Is so lovely following you from one picture to another! lovely,lovely blog!