Friday, 8 October 2010

'Hello 30s' Project update

I really wanted to do a Folksy Friday this week, as it has been a while, but alas Friday crept up on me a little bit too quickly, so here is an update on the 'Hello 30s' Project, that I began in my last blog post.

Day 9: I have now taken down my birthday cards, this one is from my friend Liz, and it is beautiful. I have no idea what it says, but I am hoping it is something nice, as I want to frame it and pop it up in the hall or living room once we redecorate.

Day 10: A day of sanding beads by hand, one day, when I have some pennies I hope to invest in a tumbler, until then achey sore fingers it is.

Day 11: Hand glossing beads.

Day 12: Having had enough of wet, sore fingers, I stocked up on Zombie Menagerie cards, all ready for when my site is ready, or when Folksy create shop sections, whichever comes first :)


  1. I love the Zombie cards. Let us know asap when we can purchase!!

  2. Arrh thank you Vicki :) Believe me, when the site is up, or Folksy sections appear, I will be shouting about it everywhere :)

  3. Oooh! Can you sand polymer clay in a tumbler? Interesting.....
    Loving your beads

  4. Well I haven't tried it myself, just read about it online, but if I can at some point afford one, and it happens to work, it would be so helpful. Apparently it takes hours, and I'm not sure if they still need a final fine sand, but I think it would be worth experimenting :) x