Monday, 11 October 2010

Hello 30s - day 13 - 15

Day 13: Goodies!!! I used some of my birthday money to order myself some treats at the end of last week, and they all arrived on Friday. It was so exciting to open the door to a postie holding a pile of parcels :)

I bought treats from Nat's Nest on Folksy, Scape on Folksy, and a whole bunch of Cernit clay, and some inks, that I can't wait to start playing with, from EJR Beads.

This is the White Rabbit from Nat's Nest, he is adorable, and beautifully made. Nat even sent him along with his own carrot :)

The wonderfully talented Nat also included one of her lovely cards. I plan to frame it at some point, it is so pretty.

This is my peridot stacking ring that Caroline from Scape made for me. It is one of the most beautiful, delicate and exquisite rings I have ever owned, and I love that it was made just for me :)

Day 14:
Not an awful lot gets done on a Saturday, we watched a pretty terrible film...however boyfriend did make me these yummy vegetable chilli wraps - delicious :)

Day 15:
I want to crack on with bead making with my Cernit clay, as I haven't used it before, but seems as I only have a limited supply, and I want to try a few new things, I thought it might help to try and go through a few cane colour combinations in Illustrator first. Usually I create my beads quite instinctively and organically from whatever is in front of me, but I am really enjoying this process, as I am able to see so many more different combinations than what I can normally just visualise. It is quite time consuming, but I will be interested to see the end result.

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  1. Thank you for the bunny love! He does look all settled in your home :) ! Just been looking through your photos of the Lake District, and I must say I'm super jealous! - wow that amazing bath :) and gorgeous countryside! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday :)
    Your illustrator work looks very interesting too, hope it helps make some bead colour combos that you wouldn't have thought of otherwise! xxxx