Monday, 31 December 2012

Doodle Olympics Closing Ceremony - Featuring A Magical Land & A Kangaroo

Okay so the end of the Doodle Olympics challenge is finally here, I've managed 366 doodles this year alongside all my other drawings and paintings. Some of them have been pretty poor, but I'm looking forward to going back through them and picking out the ones that could become a starting point for something else. I also have to admit that the doodles didn't always happen daily, life can get in the way, so some days I needed to do more than one – whoops! As far a challenges go, I've really enjoyed this one and it's nice to have my drawing hand wriggling again. 
Wishing you all a Happy 2013! Happy New Year! :)

Day 355 of the Doodle Olympics – A Christmas Market... a little one.

Day 356 of the Doodle Olympics – Singing Christmas carols.

Day 357 of the Doodle Olympics – This is my second rabbit on skis, but I wanted to draw one at a slightly different angle.

Day 358 of the Doodle Olympics – The Christmas Tortoise – obviously.

Day 359 of the Doodle Olympics – Little Red Riding Hood, although it's a bit hard to tell without any colour.

Day 360 of the Doodle Olympics – A hanging bauble Christmas tree. I just wanted to sit decorating baubles :)

Day 361 of the Doodle Olympics – A cute little sweet and cake shop that I doodled whilst watching The Bourne Legacy – It's all about creating a balance!

Day 362 of the Doodle Olympics – Fiance informed me that my rabbit on skis looked like a kangaroo, I pointed out the tail was wrong. However I decided that I always draw rabbits, mice and bears, so it was about time a kangaroo made an appearance.

Day 363 of the Doodle Olympics – Some days you just want to draw a dickie bow, and that means you either need to draw a bear, a penguin, or some kind of composer to put it on.

Day 364 of the Doodle Olympics – I admit this is a bit Cars inspired, but I just wanted to draw a car, I hate drawing cars.

Day 365 of the Doodle Olympics – A magical land doodled up in front of Big Bang Theory.

Day 366 of the Doodle Olympics – The last doodle of the year! Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Another blast of cool stuff! I'm thinking the car & the skier might be my faves this time! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your doodle challenge! (And doing one extra, too!!!) 366 is A LOT of drawing!! I've truly enjoyed checking out your doodles, & look forward to seeing some finished art from them!!!! Wishing you a Happy & Creative New Year!!!

  2. Aww thank you Mit! Thanks so much for following and commenting, it's really appreciated! Happy New Year! :)