Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Haunt - Illustration Friday

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is 'Haunt'. I didn't think I would have time, but decided to just give it a go anyway. I also decided to put down the paintbrush and pick up the wacom pen. I'm quite pleased, but I don't find it as satisfying as actually painting.

Happy Halloween everyone! :)


  1. Oooo! This is spooky.That headless bear looks very sneaky...what has he been up too??!! Mouse will definitely get to the bottom of this I'm sure!

  2. Thanks Claire! I have a feeling that the little girl mouse isn't scared by anything, and is probably going to give them both a telling off for trying to scare people! :)

  3. Neat perspective! And very cool assortment of characters! The bear is too cute - he needs to put his head back on! I have a feeling the mouse is getting things under control without much trouble.

    1. Thanks Cindy! I do want to start thinking about perspective, sometimes i have a neat perspective in my head, and as soon as I get it down, it's completely different, I need some practice! :)