Thursday, 26 January 2012

Words and Pictures again!

 Day 24 of the Doodle Olympics

Day 25 of the Doodle Olympics

I am enjoying this daily challenge, but it is turning into a pretty mammoth challenge, and really eating into my time, I am pretty impressed that I have managed to make it to day 25... As you may have noticed, the last couple of posts have been showing crops of images, that is because I decided to start making sketches, that I could potentially develop, and show you at a later date, I appreciate that this may be quite dull for you at the minute - sorry! I'm quite excited about them, but they are time consuming, so although I haven't decided what I am drawing for day 26 yet, I imagine it is going to be something a little more spontaneous... hopefully... Watch this space! :)


  1. Hiya...found your blog through Folksy. Love your doodles...its something I've been doing a lot of lately and hope to blog about soon...may share a link to your blog if that's ok? Sally x

    1. Hi Sally, thanks, that would be lovely! Look forward to seeing your doodles :) dawn.x