Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 
I want to be clear, I do not make New Years Resolutions, so I feel no shame in it already being January 3rd, and me already playing catch up :) I have spent the day, trying to get bits and pieces in order, so I can sit down and write my first blog post of the year. 

How are you all, did you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year? Fubby and I stayed at home for Christmas this year, which meant Christmas for us, started even earlier. I know, that makes no sense, but it is true. It meant we had to get all gift buying, and wrapping, for our families done, well in advance, as we saw them in the two weekends before Christmas. Christmas day for us was very relaxed though :) 
Look how lucky we were! 

I also want to highlight a couple of the presents in there, from my Folksy Secret Santa, I think I know who it was, but I still need to find out if I have guessed right :) Sorry it is small, I will have to take a photo of them alone at some point. In front of the orange box there are some cute little lavender cushions, and a crochet corsage brooch, and to the right of those, just passed the pink diary, is an adorable embroidered "Dreams" pillow, also with Lavender. They are such sweet gifts, and I love them all the more, as they are things that I know I wouldn't be able to make, I am pretty bad at sewing, and I can't crochet! I have also been sleeping brilliantly since I have had the Dreams pillow by my head at night - maybe a little too well, if the time that I woke up this morning was anything to go by ;)

Another wonderful little treat that occurred just before Christmas, was that I was runner up in a blog competition run by the very talented illustrator Mary Kilvert. I won this rather wonderful lavender cushion, that is illustrated with Mary's gorgeous little sheep, and Mary was good enough to post it straight away, just so I would have it in time for Christmas. This one is sitting in my living room! 

Now! Onto the New Year! I am going to set myself a challenge, lets call it Doodle Olympics 2012, maybe, you know to keep it topical, or Doodleathon etc. I will doodle/draw/paint/illustrate an image/images, by hand, or digitally, each day for the whole of 2012. I don't draw enough, I used to be quite good at it, and now I am not, so I need to make the time to practice. As you will see from the first two images, it hasn't exactly got of to a good start. After getting up late on January 1st, I'm not too sure where the day went, then I tried to develop the same little images on the 2nd, but I had picked up the only pencil lying around, which happened to be a big soft pencil that I didn't really want to use... there was a point to these little scrappy doodles, they are initial ideas for our wedding invitations... they will improve... well they had better! :/

Day 1 of the Doodle Olympics
Day 2 of the Doodle Olympics

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