Monday, 9 January 2012

dawn bevins design site

How exciting! I now have my very own website! My other, slightly better half, has built it for me. He has put up with me leaning over his shoulder for a while now, and saying things like 'so, is that staying there?...' He has the patience of a saint! I still need to fill it up, so there will be more things being gradually added, so keep an eye out! I currently only deliver to the UK, starting off small and seeing how things go, but there is a link to Society6 in the 'About' page (as well as here, on the right of the post), and they sell worldwide! Exciting times everyone!!!


  1. Ooh, great way to start the New Year! I like the sleek design.

    Emily x

  2. He's done a marvelous job - it looks very smart, bright, clean and easy to understand. :) Shaz x